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Is arousal allowed during massage? What if I get an erection? What if I ejaculate?

Sexual arousal can occur and it is totally Ok.

An erection is also a very natural thing, it may or may not occur. The massage doesn't aim for ejaculatory orgasm , but if it happens, it's not condemnable or a failure.

If the person's primary need and wish is a "happy ending", my massage is not suitable for him.

For male bodies, ejaculation is generally not part of an authentic tantric massage, as the purpose is to learn to distinguish between orgasm and ejaculation, which increases pleasure, vitality, stamina and spiritual growth.

If you really want to develop as a lover, you must learn to receive touch, the experience of intimacy and arousal without the need to "discharge" in the usual way or lead it to sexual intercourse. In this case, you can get a completely new kind of connection, insights and dimensions related to sexuality, your partner and yourself.

With female bodies, orgasm and ejaculation don't release energy and "seed" in the same way, so controlling them is not so essential.

Why don't you aim for ejaculation in tantra massage?

Are you naked during the massage?


I usually wear a t-shirt and leggings.

Why is the massage time longer for female bodies than for male bodies, but the price is still the same?

Breast massage and yoni treatment require a little more time in my massage. I still want to offer women with an equal opportunity for my treatment without affecting the price.

There may be exceptions to this in the treatments of other service providers.

Previously, your massage was called tantric massage and now neo-tantramassage. What is the difference between these?

All tantric massage is neo-tantra. With the name change, I wanted to make this more clear.

Do you offer only lingam massage?

I don't offer lingam-, either yoni-massage as a separate service.

Is the genital area massage always included?

The treatment of the genital areas  isn't included in the massage by default, so even if there's a wish and clear consent, I always check depending on the situation, whether it serves the purpose of the treatment.

What does an energy orgasm mean? How does it feel? 

Can I have an energy orgasm?

Energy orgasm is for some very spiritual and comprehensive experience, which often manifests itself as uncontrollable shaking, inner "waving" and writhing of the body. It is usually enjoyable, even a mind blowing experience. Sometimes it can focus on a specific part of the body, but often it feels holistic.

An energy orgasm can last minutes, hours, even some days.

An energy orgasm doesn't necessarily need to be touched at all, but can even happen through  breathing or energy work.

However, relaxation and openness are the key.

In my opinion, everyone has the opportunity to experience an energy orgasm. Of course, for some it is easier and more natural than for others.

Various neotantric physical exercises, tantric massage, kundalini bodywork, de-armouring, breathing exercises, etc. help in experiencing an energy orgasm.

Do you do massage for couples?

Yes, but it's not possible at the same time, so both have to book their own times.

In intimacy coaching for couples, I teach neo-tantramassage.

Is Kundalini bodywork the same as KAP or kundalini activation/awakening process?

Kundalini bodywork is not exactly the same thing as a KAP session. In KAP sessions, the intention is complete surrender to the energy (the so-called left hand; feminine path), which the facilitator conveys in it's sessions. The biggest difference is also with actual session; KAP sessions usually do not set a personal intention, guide breathing or meditation, activate the body through movement, and use de-armouring as part of the session.


In Kundalini bodywork, it is more about your own free will to transform (instead of surrendering to so-called external forces) the vibration in a positive direction by going through the process of facing the necessary emotions, sensations and traumas.


Both so-called paths (right hand path; masculine; yogic, meditative and left hand path; feminine; surrender, emotions, movement, manifestation) play an equally important role and both are required in Kundalini bodywork. Thus, we move more towards the 'upper chakras', the state of surrender and the frequency of higher dimensions. Sure, nothing is black and white, it's all about paradoxes, but these concepts are necessary to a certain point for our human mind.

Kundalini as a word certainly raises a lot of questions, including all of the above, because the subject area is very broad. However, it is a very esoteric terminology that is beyond rational and logical thinking.

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