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Intimacy Coaching for men

Are you tired of superficial and performance focus relation in intimate relationships?

Do you want to explore your sexuality from a different perspective, allowing for an expanding and more nourishing experience?

Do you long for a deeper and authentic connection with yourself and others?

Do you want to gain self-confidence in relation to your own and a woman's sexuality and pleasure?

Intimacy coaching is a holistic service that allows you to develop closer and more nourishing intimate relationships by strengthening both mental and physical closeness. Coaching provides the conditions for a more conscious, present and heart-oriented interaction. It is a deeper, genuine understanding also of sexuality as a multidimensional, sacred entity, where we encounter not only on a physical level, but also on a spiritual and emotional level.

Consciousness itself means becoming aware of the unconscious, "being awake" and facing things instead of avoiding or denying them. With the help of awareness skills, a person is able to face, examine and bring up even painful things.

The importance of closeness and intimacy

It is actually very common that we may be connected to another through e.g. mind and sex, but authentic intimacy and

the experience of closeness are completely missing or remain lackful.

Intimacy is often associated with sexuality and nudity, but in reality it means much more.


Intimacy is also non-sexual, physical and emotional closeness, showing vulnerability, honesty, being authentic, presence and open. All of this serves as an important basis for sexual well-being alone and together with another person.

Intimacy and conscious sexuality have a huge positive impact on our overall well-being and relationships.

The Coaching includes:

Presence and awareness exercises

Creating and maintaining a safe space; integrity, consent

Exercises related to identifying what is needed and communicating it

Somatic exercises

Breathing exercises

Kundalini bodywork

Shadow work, i.e. facing repressed, shameful, conflicting "shadow sides" and becoming familiar with them

Intimacy and touch exercises (also non-sexual)

Anatomy of pleasure

Female pleasure and sexuality

Neo-tantric massage as recipient and giver

Coaching offers space for discussion and practical exercises, the purpose of which is to enable conscious interaction, the exploration of sexuality, closeness and intimacy, and to experience growing sensuality, pleasure and love.

Coaching invites you to examine and question certain beliefs and patterns. For some, coaching can feel very natural, like a "return home", where the awakening of our life energy, animalistic Eros nourishes not only physically, but also on a spiritual level.

It is an individual journey, influenced by your background, situation, intentions and readiness to work with yourself. The training requires commitment and independent work at home.

Intimacy Coaching is suitable for you if:

- You experience challenges related to intimacy, closeness and authentic self-expression

- You are genuinely motivated and interested in coaching service as a whole

- You want to learn about your own and a woman's sexuality, the anatomy of pleasure and the factors that affect the formation of an intimate connection

Only clients who I'm familiar with e.g. from neo-tantric massage, can apply for coaching.

However, this is not a guarantee that you will get into my coaching. I always make my own assessment based on my previous experience working with you and your situation in general. The possible start of coaching is discussed and agreed upon only face-to-face.

This isn't therapy or other official medical treatment.

The service is not suitable for people with a serious mental illness (e.g. schizophrenia, psychosis).

This is NOT a sex service.

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