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Kundalini Bodywork

Kundalini bodywork is a holistic, self-development treatment where I help you increase your life energy (prana/chi) and release the tensions/blockages stuck in the body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. They can manifest as various physical symptoms (for which there seems to be no explanation), emotional difficulties, limiting beliefs and fears. My role is to guide you in utilizing your own healing and potential.


Kundalini Bodywork creates conditions for the activation of kundalini. However, it is not a KAP session or Kundalini yoga (read more from the most frequently asked questions).


When Kundalini is activated, you can experience e.g.:

- Expansion, increased awareness

- A sense of deeper purpose, meaning

- Strengthening your intuition

- Strengthening of sexual energy and sensitivity to pleasure

- Clarity, a sense of peace

- Cleansing, letting go

Kundalini bodywork includes:

Energy work

De-armouring physical and emotional armor

Shadow work; awareness of the unconscious, facing and accepting fears, limiting beliefs, etc

Breathing exercises

Somatic exercises

Kundalini Bodywork is also letting go of judgment and comparison, surrendering and accepting whatever appears in that moment. It is above all your journey and your opportunity to understand more about your own multidimensional mystery school.

What happens in a Kundalini session?

We first start by setting the intention, which is usually of great importance in terms of the effect of the treatment. Setting a clear, positive intention plays an important role in getting the most out of Kundalini Bodywork. After setting the intention, we proceed to activating the body and energies with movement, such as shaking and breathing exercises. Also, a deep, long breathing rhythm is an essential part of activating the body and 'putting the mind/reasoning aside' so that you can be more present in yourself. I tune into the energy field and act intuitively according to what is needed at that moment.

After this, the person can lie down if they wish. I move my hands and possibly touch different parts of the body (consent matters are discussed in the initial discussion). After the session, you will have the opportunity to share your experience.

During the session, you may encounter different bodily, emotional and spiritual experiences such as fluttering, seeing images and colors, changing temperatures, spontaneous movements, emotional cleansing, pleasure, changing emotional states, bodily release, a deep sense of peace, heart connection, expansion, gaining insights, spirit guides encounter, a feeling of clarity, etc. The energy can also feel very sexual.

Sessions last 1.5-2 hours. After the first time, it is recommended to book 3-6 additional times. In Kundalini Bodywork, you can learn to create your own practice, utilize your breath and energy outside of the sessions as well. It is an individual journey where there are no right or wrong experiences.

I also carry out Kundalini sessions as an online meeting, so your location can be anywhere in the world.

Kundalini Bodywork is not suitable for pregnant women or people with serious mental illness (e.g. psychosis or schizophrenia).

The duration of the first visit max. 1.5 h / time. We will agree on possible follow-up visits separately.


Kundalini Bodywork, offer price

80 €

Discount for students -20%. You must present a valid student card.

Huomioithan, että en ota vastaan anonyymeja varauksia.

Please note that I do not accept anonymous bookings.

For additional questions, you can contact us by email:


Kundalini Bodywork, online-meeting

With the background that I find it very difficult to trust a person and to put myself in the hands of a stranger, I turned out to Marjo. 


With her high level of commitment, empathy, compassion and her trained skills, she helped and supported me a lot on my way to connecting with myself, especially connecting my upper and lower body. 


The intention behind this was to be able to feel and sense the feminine energy within me again. In the first online session, I noticed an effect in the norms. 


This effect did not only occur during the treatment itself, but continued to work throughout my entire system in the hours afterwards. 


I appreciate a lot her high level of sensitivity, compassion and empathy for the female energy and would like to point out that I felt very safe, understood and cared for in her hands. 


A big thank you from the bottom of my heart and may your work be as much a blessing to other people's lives as it has been to mine 


Thank you

Sylvie (female) 43 y/o

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