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Women's Pleasure Coaching

​Woman, would you like to:

Get to know your own sexual power in safe support

Improve your relationship with pleasure; strengthen the pleasure sensitivity and body connection

Identify and set boundaries more comfortably

Build a healthier (sexual) self-esteem

Women's Pleasure Coaching is a holistic service which enables you to get to know your own pleasure, sexuality and strengthen your body connection.

Seeing and experiencing sexuality as a sacred, nourishing life energy has a huge positive impact on our overall well-being. A woman's sexuality has been defamed and controlled for centuries. This harmful, collective legacy has damaged the way we think and experience ourselves sexually in an authentic and pleasurable way.

Common challenges:


Body shame

Lack of body connect

The anatomy of own pleasure is foreign

A shameful relationship with pleasure, sexual arousal and expression

The challenges of surrendering to pleasure

Difficulty communicating your own wishes and desires

Unawareness of your own boundaries and the challenges of setting them

Coaching includes:

Practicing communication, strengthening to bring up your own voice;

what feels good and what doesn't, what you would like and wish for, in what way, etc.

Breathing exercises

Kundalini bodywork

Somatic exercises

Shadow work, i.e. confronting and accepting contradictory, shameful, hidden "shadows"

Consent and setting boundaries

Closeness and touch

Getting to know the anatomy of pleasure; enjoying your body and sexual power

Neo-tantramassage as recipient

(if you want to learn how to give massage to the female body, it can be included in the training)

The coaching path is an individual journey that is influenced by your background, situation, intentions and readiness to work with yourself. The training requires commitment and independent work at home.​ There're no right or wrong ways to experience things. We always move forward according to your situation and needs, exactly at that pace and with exactly those things that are relevant to you at that moment. 

Only clients who I'm familiar with e.g. from neo-tantric massage, can apply for coaching.

However, this is not a guarantee that you will get into my coaching. I always make my own assessment based on my previous experience working with you and your situation in general. The possible start of coaching is discussed and agreed upon only face-to-face.

This isn't therapy or other official medical treatment.​​

The service isn't suitable for pregnant women or people with a serious mental illness (e.g. schizophrenia, psychosis).

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