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Tantric massage

What is a tantric massage?

In tantra massage I give attention to your body with an intuitive, present and loving touch. It is an invitation to an inner journey, own power and sexuality: how the touch feels, how to expand the pleasure, what kind of feelings and sensations it perhaps evokes in you. I use principles according to the Wheel of Consent so that the client is the receiver and I'm the giver. I'm creating and holding a safe space so that you can relax into yourself.

Tantric massage may include a lingam (male genitals) or yoni (female genitals) massage and it is not necessary. I don't offer genital area massage as a separate service.

This is not sex service and aiming for ejaculation is not practiced in this massage.

Tantric massage is performed on the client's naked body with oil. Only I'm touching and I work with my clothes on. Before starting the massage, we discuss about your situation and boundaries so the treatment proceeds within an agreed framework, also according to my boundaries.

Who is tantric massage suitable for?

Tantric massage is suitable for everyone who is interested in deepening their body connection and relationship with pleasure. Some people come with body shame, sexual challenges, for deep relaxation and regulation of the nervous system or the desire to be touched and held in a nurturing way.

I offer tantric massage only as an individual treatment. If you want to come with your partner, you should make separate appointments.

If you wish, you can also start withCuddle & Caressing treatment first, followed by tantra massage (3 hours in total).

If you are in a relationship, please talk to your partner before making an appointment.

Experiences of tantric massage:

"I feel very relaxed, but at the same time also energetic"
"The experience was unique"
"Anxiety has greatly eased and the body is no longer in such a tense state as before"
"The blissful feeling continued for many days after the tantric massage"
"I have never been touched with such love and acceptance before"
"It feels like the energy flows and tingles comfortably in different parts of the body"
"I was surprised what kind of emotions I went through during the massage and where on the body your touch evoked them in me"
"The body connection has improved and I don't seek so much approval from outside me anymore. I am more at ease with myself"
"Right from the first meeting, I felt safe, trustful and accepted with her"
"After the massage, the sexual charge stayed on and I could share this with my partner in an unprecedented way"
"The experience was eye-opening. I've never experienced anything like this before."
"My erection has become stronger"
"It was wonderful to be myself, in my own body, without shame or the need to hide. The two energetic orgasms I experienced were really opening"


Tantric massage, 2 h   

Cuddle & Caressing + tantric massage, 3 h   

180 €

270 €

The treatment time includes a start and an end discussion

I don't accept anonymous contacts.

If you have any questions, please send email:

Please read carefully the terms & info before booking the appointment.

The appointment calendar is currently closed.

Vedana is having a break until spring 2024.

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