Tantric massage

What is a tantric massage?

In tantra massage there's space for you, just the way you are. I give attention to your entire body with present touch, allowing various emotions and sensations to arise.

The emphasis is on the healing effect. It may include a lingam (male genitals) or yoni (female genitals) massage, but this is always agreed separately and requires 120 min time. However, this is not an erotic massage or sex service.

In tantric massage, only the masseuse touches and it is performed on the client's naked body with oil. Only hands are used for the massage and only the client is naked.

Before starting the massage, we also discuss about your personal boundaries so the treatment proceeds within an agreed framework.

Who is tantric massage suitable for?

Tantric massage is suitable for everyone who is interested in deepening their body connection and relationship with pleasure. Some people come with body shame, sexual challenges, the desire to be touched and held in a nurturing way, or the need for deep relaxation. 

I offer tantric massage only as an individual treatment. If you want to come with your partner, you should make separate appointments.


Tantric massage, 90 min (yoni or lingam-massage is not included)

Tantric massage, 120 min        

150 €

170 €

Treatment times include start and end discussion.

Location: Paciuksenkaari 6, Helsinki.

I don't accept bookings by phone and anonymous contacts.

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