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Awaken your inner flame


Conscious Sexuality & intimacy

Conscious sexuality

Consciousness means that you're able to observe and describe thoughts, feelings, experiences and actions without trying to change or value them. In other words, you're aware of your inner world, what is happening inside and how external events affects to you.

Tietoinen seksuaalisuus & intiimiys

When awareness skills and sexuality are combined, we can talk about conscious sexuality. Conscious sexuality is being present, when you can let go of the state of performance and goals, i.e. descend from your head to the body.


Awareness skills help to be intimate and therefore authentic, to deepen feelings and bodily expression and affection. All of this enables the expansion of the senses and the state of being, whereby the spiritual connection and sexual experience are strengthened.


Intimacy is often associated with sexuality and nudity, but in reality it means much more.


Intimacy is also non-sexual, physical and emotional closeness, showing vulnerability, honesty, being authentic, presence and open. When people talk about 'tantra', it usually means the things mentioned above.


All of this is an important basis for sexual well-being within yourself and together with another person. Intimacy skills have a huge positive impact on our overall well-being, relationships and society.


Neo-tantra, the so-called modern "new tantra" is a tantric lineage that originated in the 60-70s and is therefore very young compared to traditional tantra, which roots are thought to be from the 6th century.


One of the most well-known person in Neo-Tantra can be considered the Indian Acharya Rajneesh or Osho, whose open attitude towards sex and combining it with spiritual exercises have become known all over the world.

Traditional tantra may emphasize celibacy or strict sexual regulation. Neo-tantra instead, emphasizes sexuality and through it the possibility of reaching a higher level of consciousness and spiritual connection. For example, tantric massage, tantric sex and sacred sexuality are Neo-tantra. Neo-tantra has also included new-age methods and teachings on mindfulness, active meditations, the Wheel of Consent, releasing emotions, various touch and intimacy exercises, etc.


One essential difference from traditional tantra is also that in Neo-tantra one doesn't rely on a guru a.k.a teacher, rather is encouraged to follow it's own intuition and thus develop own spiritual exercises. This is also reflected in a very diverse offering, e.g. in tantric workshops.

Neo-tantra enables an individual's spiritual growth and the integration of sexuality as part of holistic well-being. At their best, various neo-tantric exercises empower, liberate and improve the quality of life and relationships.


When talking about Kundalini, it means the raw life energy which is portrayed as two coiled snakes in the area of ​​the sacrum (Ida & Pingala = Feminine and Masculine). When the Kundalini is activated, this energy rises upwards, cleansing through the entire chakra line towards the head, joining the universal force, allowing the person to experience Samadhi, a state of enlightenment and bliss.

In Kundalini Bodywork, we speak metaphorically of a feminine and masculine path, where the feminine is the emotional side; movement and the masculine is the observer; stillness. Both play an equally important role in awakening the kundalini energy.

When the Kundalini energy awakens, a person can experience e.g. extrasensory experiences, strengthened intuition, a deep sense of meaning, a desire for life change, and physical and emotional changes.

The rise of Kundalini energy can also happen spontaneously, even if the person don't do any exercises aimed at it. Such a strong opening of the level of consciousness isn't always a pleasant experience if the person doesn't know what is happening, has a lot of unprocessed trauma burden and doesn't have the tools to transform and integrate the experience.

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