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Vedana comes from the Sanskrit/Pāli word Vedanā and means "feeling" or "sensation". It refers to pleasant, unpleasant and neutral sensations when inner and outer reality meets.


About me

I want to start from my childhood and youth, where unpleasant experiences and traumas, e.g. from being bullied at school started to create an armour around me. I hardened myself so that I was no longer in touch with my body and my true self. I tried to seek approval and loving attention by performing and pleasing.


At some point I began to suffer from psychosomatic symptoms such as heart arrhythmias, nightmares, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, sweating and back pain. I experienced a lot of difficult emotions, e.g. loneliness, fear of death, shame, anxiety, inadequacy and that I have no place in this world.


For a long time, this shell had been my way of coping, because it kept me from having to deal with difficult memories and emotions. Later I realized that it was preventing me to experience life fully and freely. I asked for help, e.g. from therapy and physical symptoms from a doctor, but I felt that I was missing out on a deeper, comprehensive understanding.


However, life moved on and along the way I got to know different alternative methods and spiritual literature. At some point I came across tantric bodywork, which seemed to attract me strongly. I started looking for more information and found the Wild Heart Transformation training.


During the training, I was able to let go of the emotional blocks and traumas stuck in my body and experience loving security within myself. I gained the courage to face my own dark sides, fears and everything I had kept inside for so many years. At the same time, I also got to know the energy world more deeply, e.g. through the Body&Mind Energy Balancing Method training which helped me with my physical symptoms.


I became more aware of my body's wisdom and sensitivity, I began to experience more gratitude and respect my own limits. I also noticed that showing vulnerability and sensitivity is not a threat, but an opportunity to become whole and empowered. My quality of life has improved considerably. I began to enjoy myself and the company of people in a different way than ever before. My self-esteem and confidence have improved significantly.


I strongly felt that this path is the right one for me and I continued with the Tantric Life Coach training for another year. From there, I have received inspiration for a more professional direction in tantric path. Since then, I have received additional training and will continue to strive to develop my skills in this extremely interesting field of humanity.


I feel a strong calling to hold space for everything that wants to be seen and heard.

In a state of powerful presence.




Wild Heart Transformation (Wild Heart Academy, 6/20)

Tantric Life Coach I (Wild Heart Academy, 6/21)

BodyMind Energy Balancing Method -energy healing (Suomen Energiahoitajat, 6/21)

Tantric massage course (1/22)

Certified Tantra Therapist and Tantra Massage Therapist from the Art of Love  (The Art of Love, 2/23) and

Myofascial Energetic Release (MER), From Trauma to Trust additional trauma-informative training (Integral Body Institute 2/23)

Kundalini Bodywork Practitioner (Kundalini Bodywork, Elliot Saxby, 1/24)

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