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Erotic massage vs. tantramassage

Updated: May 30

I've been asked from time to time what is the difference between an erotic massage and a (neo) tantramassage. Both have similarities, such as sensuality, relaxation and massage of the genital areas. But there are also differences, and by understanding them, you can get clarity on what could best suit your own needs and wishes.

Different massage therapists can emphasize different things and there are many different styles, so it's worth getting to know the service provider and ask for more information.

Erotic massage

The purpose of erotic massage is to generate sexual pleasure and satisfaction. In this context, you may have heard the expression "happy ending", which means the climax of sexual stimulation, i.e. ejaculation and orgasm. An erotic massage usually also includes massaging the whole (or part of) body, relaxing and stimulating the senses.

This form of massage is particularly suitable for people who specifically seek eroticism, sexual pleasure- and satisfaction. It is also suitable for people who are not particularly interested in the deeper meanings of massage and physicality.

Tantric massage/Tantric massage/Neo-tantric massage

(Neo)tantramassage or massages with a similar name is a full-body massage that focuses on awakening the senses, energies and increasing sensitivity. The recipient has the opportunity to deepen it's body connection and self-knowledge. In tantric massage, emotional and physical locks/tension states can also be opened.

In tantric massage, yoni or lingam (genital area) massage is also typical, but not all service providers offer it. Loosely translated, lingam means "light wand", which refers to a man's penis. Yoni, on the other hand, means "beginning of everything" or "sacred temple" and refers to the female genitals. These designations are very indicative of the principles of tantric massage (and Taoist sexology), which are reverence and holiness. In connection with a tantric massage, you may also hear talk about energy centers, or chakras, and the awakening, recycling and expansion of sexual energy.

Unlike erotic massage, (neo)tantra massage doesn't aim for the so-called final climax. In general, massage doesn't aim for any specific result, but rather the journey itself is the most important. For some, it can bring to the surface a wide range of different emotions, memories, insights and bodily sensations (like energy orgasms) that person has not been in contact with before.

In tantramassage, there can be different qualities of touch, such as rotating, sliding, stationary, light, heavy, etc. Paying attention to breathing is also important, because I often notice that people hold their breath or it is very shallow. Through breathing, we are able to bring attention back to our body and be more present in this moment.

Finally, I want to emphasize that it's not about what is right or wrong. Each form of massage and treatment serves in its own way, as long as they are carried out with mutual consent ♡

If you are interested in making an appointment for my Neo-tantramassage, you can make an appointment here.

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