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Yoni comes from the Indian Sanskrit language and translates to "beginning of everything" and "holy temple". The Yoni encompasses the female reproductive organs as a whole and represents Shakti, or the female goddess energy.  

The reason why I'm talking about yoni massage for the female genital areas is because I think it describes well the sacredness and respect that massage is based on. Stress and unprocessed emotions easily accumulate in a woman's vagina, and these stuck blockages can manifest as numbness, pain and tension. Yoni massage can help to get rid of them.

My own experiences with yoni massage

My first experience with a yoni massage was really insightful and it evoked a lot of emotion. I realized that I've never received that kind of touch and that's why I guess I didn't even know how to ask for it. In the yoni massage, all the space was just for me and my yoni; nothing was required of me and it felt extremely good. I noticed later that I started to treat myself in a completely different way, with more respect.

The following experiences have been very varied when receiving yoni massage; there has been sadness, insane bursts of laughter, crying, shame, love, anger, etc. Sometimes yoni massage has felt really good, sometimes I haven't felt anything, while dealing with certain points I have also encountered pain.

Yoni massage has helped me to respect myself and my boundaries. I feel a better connection with my body and above all with my yoni. Sexual pleasure is much stronger and wider. I have learned to listen to myself more sensitively, also when it comes to periods. Today, I regard my yoni as an inexhaustible source of pleasure, which I'm sure still has a lot to learn.

Neo-tantra and yoni massage

I perform yoni massage in connection with a neo-tantra massage. However, it's not necessary, i.e. it is always agreed upon separately. Since the breasts are connected to the yoni, I also spend time taking care of them, if that is OK with the recipient.

In the Yoni massage, I proceed very subtly, listening to the recipient's body. I always do a yoni massage with nitrile gloves and almond or coconut oil.

If you are interested in a neo-tantra massage, you can book an appointment here. For additional questions, you can contact

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