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Cuddle & Caressing

What is Cuddle & Caressing treatment?

In Cuddle & Caressing treatment, you can get the closeness and touch you long for in its various forms. Before the actual start, we will have a short conversation about your current wishes and needs in terms of treatment. Cuddle & Caressing can be carried out in different ways, e.g. in silence / with background music / talking, sitting on a floor mattress / sofa, lying down, etc. You may have very clear wishes for a certain quality of touch and closeness, or alternatively you want to give me free hands to implement the treatment intuitively.

Cuddle & Caressing is a non-sexual service and does not involve direct contact with intimate body parts. I am mostly in an active role, as a provider of closeness/touch and both parties have their clothes on. It is important that you understand the nature of the service and also respect my terms.

The effects of Cuddle & Caressing treatment

Did you know that closeness and touch increase the amount of oxytocin, the love hormone, in your body? The oxytocin hormone strengthens the experience of connection with other people and it has been found to reduce anxiety and fear as well.

Other potential benefits:
- Calming down, relaxing

- Releasing stress

- Strengthening the body connection

- Facing the inner child

- Feeling of pleasure

- Being heard and seen

- Touching one's own emotions and bodily sensations

- Expression of own needs and boundaries

- Improving self-esteem and confidence

Who is Cuddle & Caressing suitable for?

Cuddle & Caressing is suitable for all kinds of people and needs are individual.

For example:

- You feel lonely and you are longing for another person's touch and closeness

- You feel shy and timid; approaching the opposite sex is too stressful and you want to practice being close to another in a peaceful, safe space

- Some traumatic experience bothers you and you need a so-called restorative experience

- Want to de-stress and calm your nervous system

Whatever the reasons, Cuddle & Caressing treatment may be worth a try.

You also have opportunity to combine so that we'll start with Cuddle & Caressing treatment and then continue with

Tantric Massage (all together 3 h).

If you are in a relationship, please discuss with your partner about participating in Cuddle & Caressing treatment.​

I've been feeling really good. I feel like my heart has been more open in the last few days. I haven't really felt the need to hide from others' eyes, and connecting with other people has felt much easier.

After the treatment, on the way home, I had vague flashbacks of childhood situations in which I interpreted that I had been rejected. The pain caused by these situations probably just erupted during the treatment.

However, the main feeling has been the feeling of gratitude and peace that Cuddle & Caressing has brought about in me. I feel that I got a taste of what interaction between people can be. And I want to thank you again for that. I feel that the treatment was a turning point for me towards an accepting and loving self. Thank you!

Male, 24 y/o


Cuddle & Caressing, 1 h

Cuddle & Caressing + Tantric Massage, 3 h

90 € 

270 €

The treatment time includes a start and an end discussion.

In Cuddle&Caressing, the first visit is max. 1 h.

I do not accept anonymous bookings.

Please read my booking conditions carefully before making an appointment.

Appointment calendar is currently closed.

Vedana is having a break until spring 2024.

If you have any questions, please contact:

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