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A couple of weeks ago, I went for a tantra massage for the first time. I didn't really know how to expect anything but a relaxed moment, but I've been really positively surprised by how much it affected me. It has been easier to breathe and I have been more relaxed and focused, in the moment. Better body connection, maybe that word describes it.

Male, 37 y/o

Thank you for a wonderful experience. It was quite insightful, refreshed and relaxed at the same time yesterday. I will definitely come again!

Female, 30 y/o

I have to give some more feedback... As I cycled home, I only repeated a great experience, a great experience.

You are really good at getting the feeling of genuine caring and I never got the feeling that something was repulsive to you or that you were in a hurry to take care of the paid service asap. I wanted to burst into tears because I felt so "loved" and accepted.

I really understand now, how orgasm-focused sex is for people and it's only satisfying for a moment. I don't realize how satisfied I still feel even though I didn't have a traditional orgasm. Incredible power of touch.

It's a bit scary to think that you had such a great sexual and love experience without any kind of relationship and with a complete stranger.


Stupid that this cannot be made into an official health service. This would help many.

Happy summer days to you! You are great at your job!

Male, 43 y/o

At first I was very confused.

In the days following the treatment, I have cried a lot, some tears of sadness, some tears of relief. I know that some great process was initiated by your treatment.

Thanks again for that. Thank you for your presence, your touch and your warm hands.

Male, 45 y/o

Thank you Marjo once again for the caring and safe touch! I have been feeling really energetic and clean after the massage. I definitely want to come again to adventure into my own body with your safe presence and guidance!

Mikko (male) 37 y/o

The experience of these visits has been more than revolutionary. I have gained a new perspective on myself and my own body, which in turn has made me aware of myself on a new and deeper level. Perhaps I have started to understand my body's messages better, and it has taught me a lot about myself and my life.

I feel I've gotten much, much closer to accept myself. I feel that I'm in a better relationship with myself but also with the people around me. It's like I understand that we all fumble along the paths of life, looking for something the same.

It has been of the utmost importance to understand that I am ok just the way I am. There is nothing to be ashamed of. I have been able to experience and feel exactly how I feel. If anything, it has been extremely liberating.

However, perhaps the most surprising and meaningful realization has been related to sexuality. With these visits, I feel like I've gotten closer to accepting my own sexuality, and I've gotten a huge relief from that. Nowadays, I often find that I am a very sexual being - sexuality is a stronger quality in me than I have ever thought. And this has been a really significant realization, which in turn has helped me recognize and accept myself better.

In other words, the "energetic orgasms" and other physical experiences I've had have been particularly meaningful. These have been concrete experiences and have helped to understand more deeply what is happening in me, and most probably brought my level of spiritual growth and self-knowledge into a new light.

So thank you for playing such a hugely significant role in this personal journey of mine. I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Male, 49 y/o

The connection between my mind and body and my sexual self-confidence have improved a lot with your help. My erection has strengthened tremendously compared to the initial situation.

Many thanks to you Marjo.

Male, 31 y/o

Thank you again for today's treatment! It was new, different, exciting, calming and thought-provoking! ☺

Male, 44 y/o

Out of interest, I made an appointment for a tantric massage, not knowing what to expect.


My life has been built around performance and surviving the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Tantric massage gave a peaceful moment of bodily presence without performance. It is not necessarily easy to just let things be sometimes. Settling into such a situation can take some time. Marjo is able to create a space for being with her own open presence.


After the massage, I was left thinking about the importance of pursuit and presence in everyday life. I believe that by being more present, you can direct your own energy to things that are good for both yourself and the world. A strong recommendation for everyone looking for a peaceful moment.

Male, 41 y/o

I have received a lot of spiritual help through you and I feel that I have gained a lot of strength in such a short time. The feeling is really rewarding, but at the same time "scary", when the partial control of learning emotional states has progressed a lot in such a short time. I try to keep an optimistic attitude.


Today I was able to concretely experience how I have moved forward with your help. Today I went to play padel with my friends. The morning was absolutely brilliant. When I got there, I felt relaxed and my normal uncertainty with my emotional states was gone. I felt you with me. I thanked my body!

I could go on and on with this feeling. I am truly grateful to you from the bottom of my heart. I will separately mention yesterday's situation when we went overtime, you gave me the space to be in the moment when I needed it. Shows with this gesture that you are present and caring. I shed a small tear of happiness.

Male, 53 y/o

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