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Neo-tantric massage is an intuitive, sensual form of massage where I pay attention to your body with a present and loving touch. It's an invitation to an inner journey, to your own power and sexuality: how the touch feels, what kind of feelings and sensations it may evoke in you and how you can expand the experience of pleasure within yourself. I use the principles of the Wheel of Consent in a way that you are the recipient and I'm the giving party. I'm holding the space so you can just be and receive.

With a feminine touch, I gently awaken your inner flame and energies. The purpose isn't to fix anything or be a certain way, but to surrender to the moment, to the feeling of pleasure and closeness. Touch qualities can vary from light to heavy or stationary. I usually pressure the body's marma points intuitively, which activate your body's healing energies. We also use breathing to support the massage.

Neo-tantramassage can include Lingam (male genitalia) or Yoni (female genitalia) treatment. However, this isn't included in the massage by default, so even if there's a wish and clear consent, I always check depending on the situation, whether it serves the purpose of the treatment. For those with a female body, I also perform a breast massage, if so agreed. I don't offer yoni or lingam massage as a separate service.


This is not a sex service and the massage doesn't aim for ejaculation. For male bodies, ejaculation is usually not part of an authentic tantric massage, as the purpose is to learn to distinguish between orgasm and ejaculation, which increases pleasure, vitality, endurance and spiritual growth.


It's also good to learn to receive touch, closeness and arousal experiences without the need to "discharge" in the usual way or lead it to sexual intercourse. You can get a completely new kind of connection, insights and dimensions related to your sexuality and yourself. This is an individual journey where there're no right or wrong experiences.

The massage is performed on a floor mattress and on a naked body with cold pressed, odourless almond oil. I carry out the massage with clothes on and mainly use my hands and arms, sometimes also my whole body weight. ​Before the start, we discuss your boundaries, so that the massage proceeds within the agreed framework, also respecting my boundaries and conditions.

Neo-tantra massage is suitable for people who have, for example:

Body shame

Challenges related to sexuality and intimacy

The need for deep relaxation, stress release and calming of the nervous system

Longing for touch and closeness

Desire for a deeper journey of sacred sexuality and intimacy

If you're in a relationship, please agree with your partner about coming to my massage before making the appointment. I offer massage only as an individual treatment. So if you want to come with your partner, you should book separate massage times.


Neo-tantramassage for male body, max. 2 h

Neo-tantramassage for female body, max. 2,5 h

250 €

250 €

Please read my terms & conditions carefully before making an appointment.

Discount for students -20%.

You must present a valid student card.

Please note that I do not accept anonymous bookings.

For additional questions, I recommend to read first 

frequently asked questions.

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