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Booking terms

It is your responsibility to find out enough about my way of doing neo-tantramassage and read terms carefully before making an appointment. If anything is unclear, please contact me:


When you make an appointment, you understand that

  • This is not a sex service

  • Aiming for ejaculation is not practised in this massage

  • Only the masseuse touches and she carries the massage with clothes on

  • You cannot come to the massage under the influence of drugs or in a hangover

  • It is your responsibility to clearly inform the masseur of your own boundaries and any health factors that needs to be taken into account during the massage

  • You participate in neo-tantramassage on a completely voluntary basis

  • This is not a medical treatment and does not replace the medical care. In case you need to consult a doctor or you need a medical treatment, please contact the healthcare.

The treatment time includes a start and an end discussion. Please do not make an appointment if you have had psychosis or schizophrenia in the last 6 months.


Preparation instructions​

  • It’s appreciated to take a shower before arriving for a massage

  • Do not use strong perfumes before treatment

  • If genital areas will be massaged, I use nitrile gloves for hygiene reasons

There is no separate waiting area in the treatment place. Please arrive just before the start of the treatment.


Booking the appointment

When booking, you must provide correct and complete contact information, including at least your first and last name, telephone number, email address, and reasons for entering the massage. You must be able to prove your identity if necessary. I do not accept anonymous bookings.

You will receive a booking confirmation in your email after a successful booking. Please check your spam if the booking confirmation does not appear in the received messages. Save the confirmation as you may need it to cancel the appointment. The booking reminder comes 48 hours before your massage appointment.

I reserve the right to cancel a booking if​

  • There are gaps in the required information

  • There is reason to suspect that the customer has not found out enough about the massage and the terms according to that

  • There is reason to suspect a false identity

If the customer cancels the reservation several times in a row, I reserve the right to set a reservation payment of €50 or alternatively prevent the reservation from being made in the future. I reserve the right to set a reservation payment or to prevent reservations in the future for other reasons as well.


Cancellations will always be informed.

I reserve the right to not perform the massage or to discontinue it if the client

  • Seeks to change the course of the massage in a direction that the masseuse does not find appropriate

  • Behaves otherwise inappropriate

  • Violates agreed terms and boundaries

In this case, the customer will also be canceled, future bookings will be blocked and the customer will not be entitled to a refund. The masseuse has the right not to perform or continue the massage for other reasons as well.

If you arrive late, the full price of the service will still be charged.


Payment options

You can pay on the premises before the massage starts with a debit or credit card (VISA / Mastercard / Maestro / American Express) or cash in the exact amount, no change is available. Apple and Google Pay are also possible.


Changing a reservation

The reservation can be changed or canceled free of charge 12 hours before the booked time.

I will charge half the price of the massage if

  • The appointment has been canceled / postponed later than 12 hours before the start of the booked period without a valid reason

  • In case of illness, the customer does not have to show a medical certificate for late cancellation

  • The appointment has not been canceled within the cancellation period and the customer will not arrive



You agree not to record the massage with a video recorder, recording device or in any other way. You are aware that if you violate this commitment, the massage will be immediately terminated without refund and legal action will be taken against you as well as financial liability for copyright infringement.

In addition, you agree to respect the privacy of masseuse.

As a service provider, I respect the client's privacy and am bound by confidentiality. If necessary, I reserve the right to share my experiences, e.g. in work supervision, so that the client's identity is not revealed.

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